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The world has changed since September 2001.

The probability of another major terrorist attack in the United States is virtually 100 percent. Not only is the next attack likely to come soon, it is also likely to be equal to or greater in magnitude than what we experienced on 9/11.

The need for emergency preparedness and operational continuity programs has never been more urgent. Organizational survival from future acts of terror is going to be largely dependent on choices made today.


How can you protect your company from corporate espionage? When trade secrets are stolen it can have a devastating effect on a company. When an employee is suspected of stealing, corporate espionage, or acting in a way not in the best interests of a company, a quick and precise response is necessary. DCW & Associates will work with your company to create a proactive plan to reduce the risks of corporate espionage.

When you call or email for confidential communications with our firm we will respond immediately. You can count on DCW to help you resolve your corporate espionage concerns.

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