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Basic "Who is" Search Learn who a domain name is registered to for registrants from the United States. Be sure to include the post "dot" abbreviation (.com, .net., .edu, etc.) 
"Who is" Search for .ORG Domains  
"Who is" Search for .INFO Domains  
"Who is" Search for .BIZ Domains  
"Who is" Search for .US Domains  
Asia Pacific "Who is" Search This is the APNIC whois search for domains registered in the Asia Pacific region. Once at this page, scroll down to the search function and click on it and the search for will come up.
European "Who is" Search Operated by RIPE, this is the Regional Internet Registry for Europe and surrounding countries. Learn who a domain name is owned by when from one of these areas.
U.S. Government "Who is" Search Massive whois search for non-military U.S. government domains. (Ie., fdic.gov). Also include user name look up function.
U.S. Military Whois Operated by the Department of Defense, this provides registration information on U.S. military domain names and Internet addresses ending with ".mil".
Abuse.net Database of e-mail addresses to report spam and other abuse. You'll enter the domain name of the offending URL to get contact addresses for reporting abuse.
World Email Directory Enter a person's name or a company name to search for their e-mail address. Contains 18 million entries.
ARIN Lookup Need to determine the registrant or ISP behind a numeric Internet address? Check with the American Registry for Internet Numbers. Here's a sample numeric Internet address:
Deja News Search usenet archives.
The ICQ White Pages Here's a source for locating e-people. The popular ICQ service directory.
e-Bay Search Page Looking for someone online? The e-Bay search page lets you search bidders and sellers by e-mail address.
 Yahoo People Search Search for registered Yahoo members by real name or Email address.

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